Do you want an open society built on laws, free from disproportionate, unaccountable surveillance and censorship?

Do you believe people have the right to control their technology and oppose the use of technology to control people?

Do you want the public to fully understand their digital rights and be equipped to be creative and free individuals?

If so, Open Rights Group Birmingham is for you.

Open Rights Group Birmingham is made up of people who are passionate about our rights as society goes digital. We come together to learn from each other and campaign to protect and promote  digital rights in Birmingham and beyond.

On this site you’ll find more information about our regular meet-ups and the campaigns we are supporting.

For more information about Open Rights Group Birmingham and how to get involved, please contact Local Organiser Francis Clarke via Email on You can also follow us on Twitter @OpenRightsBrum and book a place at our events over on our Meetup page.


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