You’re invited to our copyright maker party

Y U No Like meme with the caption "Y EU No Like Memes?"

EU plans to reform copyright law threaten creativity and free expression on the internet, placing serious restrictions on the ability of ordinary users to create, share and remix memes, GIFs and other forms of culture. Come along to our free Maker Party at Centrala in Digbeth on Tuesday 22 November at 6pm to make illicit digital culture with artist Antonio Roberts (@hellocatfood) and learn more about what you can do to achieve real, progressive changes in copyright.


Thanks to Centrala’s generous hosting we’re able to offer our Maker Party completely free of charge. Anyone is free to turn up on the evening of the event (please let your friends and family know) but it helps us with planning if you RSVP. You can do this by clicking on the link below:


Find out how EU copyright changes will affect you

Help Fix Copyright: Send a Rebellious Selfie to European Parliament (Really!) – Mozilla Blog

Commission Proposal to Reform Copyright is Inadequate – Mozilla Blog

Will the European Commission’s copyright rules spell destruction for Wikimedia? – OpenMedia

About Open Rights Group Birmingham

Open Rights Group Birmingham is made up of people who are passionate about protecting our human rights as society goes digital. We come together to learn from each other and campaign to protect and promote  digital rights in Birmingham and beyond.

We are part of the national Open Rights Group, the UK’s only digital campaigning organisation working to protect the rights to privacy and free speech online.

As well as signing up for updates from our blog, you can keep up-to-date with events and digital rights news by joining our Meetup page ( and following us on Twitter (@OpenRightsBrum).

About Centrala

Centrala is a multifunctional space located in Birmingham City Centre. Organised by the Polish Expats Association (PEA), we are a non-profit organisation presenting art from Central, Eastern Europe and the UK.  The space that we provide consists of an art gallery, training centre and artistic café. We as an organisation have established ourselves as a community hub, which aims to become a destination place for artists, free thinkers and members of the public. The function of the gallery is to create an inspirational place and platform for building social ties and bridging communities. Our innovative programme includes socially-engaged contemporary art from Central and Eastern Europe as well as artists interested in the region’s culture, history and socio-political situation.

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